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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering having Alissa perform at your next party or event?  Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below for more information!


What does hiring Alissa to perform at my child's event entail?

A typical performance lasts between 45-50 minutes, and include the following:

  • Upbeat, exciting songs for dancing

  • Props & instruments for structured instrumental play

  • Instrument "free jam" and/or marching band

  • And, of course, bubbles!


How long does a typical performance last?

Performances generally last for 45 minutes and include tons of fun music and activities! At the end of a performance, you may choose to have Alissa lead the crowd in "Happy Birthday". Shorter performance options may be available, depending on chosen package and location.


Who is Alissa Coates?

In her everyday life, Alissa is a licensed music teacher, teaching infants through 14-year-olds in both school and small-group settings.  She is skilled at managing larger groups of children and has a degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music.


How many children can I invite to my child's party or event?

Any number of children is fine!  The most successful parties tend to have between 10-15 children, but Alissa can absolutely accommodate whoever you invite. Please let her know at the time of booking how many children you expect, and what the age range will be.  


My child wants to have a theme party.  Can this be accommodated?

Alissa will tailor her performance to your child!  She will take whatever details you provide and include songs about whatever your child's current "favorite thing" is.  Be it trains, princesses, monkeys or dress-up, she wants to make your child's special day perfect!


What is my role while Alissa is performing?

Though Alissa is a licenced educator with group management skills, she cannot be everywhere at once.  Some children may not be interested, or may have too much energy for certain activities.  Parents are welcome to participate, but if they would rather not, some adults should stay near the entertainment.  A general rule of thumb is one adult in the room for every three children.


This all sounds great! How do I sign up?

Feel free to email Alissa at or use the contact page! Rates are not posted online, and are discussed through email or over the phone.  Please note: there will be a travel fee for parties more than 30 minutes from Westminster, MA (using Google Maps).

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