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COVID-19 Information

Bookings are now open through March 2022! Below is some information to keep in mind when booking Alissa for the fall and winter.

All Bookings

All bookings must match current CDC and state guidelines for group sizes.

As of October 2021, there are no group size limitations. With that said, please be conscious of local guidelines and case numbers.

Bookings are subject to cancellation based on state guidelines.

All private (non-school/camp) bookings will be charged a $50 deposit to reserve the event date when booked more than 30 days ahead.

Deposit is only refundable in the case of cancellation due to COVID-19; all other deposits may be used toward a new event date.

Event host is responsible for enforcing mask wearing and social distancing throughout the performance.

Please let Alissa know at the time of booking whether you would like instruments available for children during the performance. All instruments will be sanitized prior to arrival as well as after the event.

Indoor Bookings


All unvaccinated individuals over age 2 should wear a mask for the entire event. If masks will not be worn, please consider hosting in a space large enough for social distancing with good ventilation.

Outdoor Bookings


Masks are not currently required for outdoor bookings.


Please note: state guidelines must be adhered to whether indoors or outdoors. Please include both children and adults in your head count to avoid potential event cancellation.

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